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jak zhubnout jídelníček(non-registered)
jak zhubnout jídelníček
Randie Hilliard(non-registered)
Beautiful work Jim. You have a great eye. I really enjoyed how you captured the Salk Institute. Best wishes with your art.
Mike Jacobs(non-registered)
Wow nice work Jim. Been a very long time. I was rolling through the net and found some common names. Very talented and enjoyed the site. I enjoyed the pics of Bay Area. I take every opportunity to Drive over the GG bridge when ever I can.
Lynette Deanne Murray
Wow Jim, beautiful photography!
What talent you have!

Lynette (Hoover) Murray
Bernie Herrera(non-registered)
Jim, your photos are fantastic. The way you captured the moment for Nathan and Jamie's engagement proposal were perfect. Your photos allowed us to be right there with them, thanks again.
Joe Namishima(non-registered)
I looked at the beautiful photograph.
I will think that art and beautiful is not the same.
As a communication means about the thing which cannot tell it by means of language, I think that art exists.
Although I do not understand English, I catch the voice of your heart, looking a photograph.
Thank you for the wonderful photograph.
Ernie Clemons(non-registered)
Jim, you are Amazing!
The photos are Awesome!
Thanks for sharing and for all the tips.

Really, whats your secret for Point & Shoot? :)
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